Exams on Friday!

The Nuremberg 2 Hague courses are coming to a close. We are taking exams on Friday and will be heading to Vienna on Saturday. We will do an Amsterdam post Saturday or Sunday. See you then.



Munich, Dachau, and Neuschwanstein Castle

For our second weekend we decided to stay the weekend with some new and GOOD friends (Josh, Katie, Katie, Sara, Steve…all Creighton kids) in Munich. Friday afternoon, we went with our class by train and toured Dachau (the first model concentration camp). Luckily, it was an absolutely beautiful day, so Dachau didn’t seem as depressing as I guess it could be. It was a heavy and powerful experience. Everyone should go if they ever get a chance. The camp was the first of its kind and was actually intended for POWs, Political Adversaries, asocials, and gypsies. Not until 1938, was it used for holding Jews. It had completed gas chambers, but they were never put into use (the reason is unknown).

After the tour of Dachau, we left with five other friends and made way to Munich. That night we ate and drank at the Hofbräuhaus, one of the oldest and most famous beer halls in Munich. Beware fellow travelers, it can be a bit of a tourist trap, but something you still should experience nonetheless. Where else can you sit, listen to polka music with absolute strangers, and drink liter beers. You can tell its a touristy spot because they don’t automatically add on the tip. We stayed out for a little later that night, and after not finding any discotecas, finished the night drinking at the hotel.

The next day we made our way to Neuschwanstein Castle. It was a two hour train ride which was absolutely beautiful. But, it was 80 degrees outside and the trains don’t have AC. So, if you go in the summer were something light. When you get off the train you have to switch to a bus, which is located directly behind the Füssen stop. You take that bus to another bus which takes you to the top of the mountain. You can also take a horse carriage if you are into that type of thing. Anyway, it was packed but still an amazing place. We walked all around the caste and took the photos below from the bridge. There is also a path to a waterfall, but we didn’t get to it. We left around 5:30 or 17:30 and made our way back to Munich. The train ride back was not as much fun. It was super hott and packed with people (mainly Asian tourists and Italians, not the most courteous people). Once we got back, we made way to an Italian restaurant called L’ Osteria. We finished the night there with some great wine, pizza, and specialty shots. Click on the link below to see all the pictures.

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Marburg Weekend Trip #1

Marburg was an absolutely stunning place to visit. Marburg was practically untouched by the war, unlike Nürnberg. All the old cottage style homes are original and the castle is looks perfectly intact. We stayed for 2 nights in a hotel and also went out both nights with our class. Friday night we ate some of the best German food yet, and then sat around the table and drank into the late night. On Saturday we had a lecture with Dr. Wolfgang and toured the International Criminal Courts Documentation Center. Afterwards, we took a tour of the city with a profound Historian and he showed us everything in the city that connected with the Third Reich. We even saw where Hindenburg was buried. If you didn’t know, Hindenburg was the President of Germany and helped Hitler to power.

That night Germany played in the Eurocup. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Nürnberg Trials

Yesterday we visited the Nürnberg Courthouse where the Nürnberg War Crimes Tribunal was held. High ranking Nazi officers, politicians, and doctors were tried and convicted of crimes against humanity (with the exception of 3.) We toured the facility, which is currently running an exhibition of the courthouse’s history and the Nazi war criminals. It is interesting to get a German’s perspective on the history of Nazi Germany. Our tour guide (a German historian) explained that Germany is trying to re-open the Nazi facilities to show the world that they have not forgotten. Check out the pictures and link below to see where some of the most evil war criminals were tried almost 70 years ago.










The Louvre!!

Chops and I decided to go to the Louvre our second to last day in Paris because we knew this would require a lot of walking! Once we made it to the opening gates of the museum we were, like everyone else, truly blown away. Not only because I felt like I was in the Davinci Code, but also because it was much larger than I had imagined.

You enter the museum through the glass pyramid, which takes you below the ground. After purchasing tickets you can choose one of four wings to explore. We spent most of our time in the statues and biblical paintings of the 16th century. And of course we checked out the Mona Lisa and the recreation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s castle. The pictures below don’t do it justice so check out the website to see all the art the Louvre has on display.