Wien / Vienna, We Have Arrived!

It feels strange leaving Nürnberg and our new friends, but the real vaca has now begun. We are staying at Hotel Vienna and the room is super nice. Check out the shower, it reminds me of home. Anyway, off to eat. Chow.





Class and Flat at Harsdörffer Straße

We really haven’t had a chance to rest since we’ve got here. I got my first German haircut today and finally snuck in a good nap. Yesterday we went to The Nazi rally grounds in Nürnberg and the Documentation Center Museum. Google it. Hitler never finished building a recreation of the Roman Colisuem that was 1.5 times bigger. Last week the Documentation Center had a huge rock music festival in the rally grounds, Metallica was one of the headliners.

Here are pictures of our flat and the building and the area around where our classes are taking place. The bottom two pictures are of the building where our classes are. That’s all for now. Oh, and don’t judge about the messy room.