First Hiccup

So….today we left to go to Florence on the 10:30 train and missed it by three minutes. Part my fault for being slow, and part the guy at the ticket counter for telling us to go to the wrong station. Oh…and I was being slow because I was arguing with the Hotel for charging me ā‚¬90 for washing my clothes. That’s like $115 ‘Murican dollars. And, I thought it was free because the maid broke my cologne and the lady working said she would wash my clothes. Of course I thought they would do it for free. I will let the bank fight that one for me. šŸ™‚

I’m not complaining, just wanted to share my aggravation. This kind of shot happens. Anyway, we are kicking it at Starbucks trying to keep cool while we wait for the next train at 8:30pm. We also left all our new friends yesterday and are now just traveling as just the two of us.

We will try and do some posts this evening on our 10 hour train ride to Italy.

Update: We trained it through the night and have arrived at 730. Stoked!



4 thoughts on “First Hiccup

  1. Well that really stinks, kinda like your clothes. What did you guys do, and how long did you have to wait? Good thing you are on your own time. Enjoy and no stress. šŸ™‚

    • We ended up waiting about 9 hours to get on a 10 hour over night train. But we made the best of it and had lunch and saw a movie! Drive safe to get your mom!

  2. STARBUCKS!!!! Your in italy! Dont they have a better coffee shop šŸ˜‰ Miss you guys! Cant wait to see you! Zeke knows your coming home on the airplane soon so everytime he spots or hears a plane he screams your names!!! LOL!!!!

    • Ha! We were actually stuck in Vienna because we missed the train and needed wireless. And the coffee wasn’t that great in Italy either!!

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