Wien / Vienna, We Have Arrived!

It feels strange leaving Nürnberg and our new friends, but the real vaca has now begun. We are staying at Hotel Vienna and the room is super nice. Check out the shower, it reminds me of home. Anyway, off to eat. Chow.





2 thoughts on “Wien / Vienna, We Have Arrived!

  1. Well it looks like you two have finally arrived. This room looks a lot cozier than the one you’ve been in for the last 4 weeks. Boy did that ever go fast. I hope you two enjoy yourselves and relax, you certainly deserve it. Please take and post lots of pictures PLEASE:) Love you xoxox

  2. Hello Chops and Chelsea,

    It’s hard to believe your studies are over already and you are off to your next adventure!! Where will your travels take you? I think it would be so cool to check out one of the stages in the Tour De France if at all possible. There I go again, living thru my sons’ experiences..Keep gathering and making those lifetime memories. Chris, Anna and Mary send their love.
    Later, Dad

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