Rainy day in central Nürnberg

Just a rainy day with Cara in the “city center”





6 thoughts on “Rainy day in central Nürnberg

  1. Reading everything to Nanna over the phone. She says “take every opportunity to see as much as you can whether it’s $$$$ or not! Love you both much and enjoy yourselves.”

    • Thanks for relying. I sent her an email and asked the desk to print everything out. Let me know if they actually did.

  2. Okay guys you are 5 days behind on psoting and I just happened to checkin on you today. Your time over there is going to go by in a blink of the eye so enjoy every minute of every day of every expeirence. Chops, you look really good in that pciture with Cara. Who is she? Christopher and Anna say heelo. I’ll get them to post later this week. Be Cool…

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