Made it to Nürnberg

Quick update for those who care :).

We woke up at 4am this morning and got a cab in the rain to take us to the north Paris train station. There was no one working and there was us, couple travelers and some gypsies. The problem was that we didn’t have our Eurorail pass activated, which means they might not let us on the train to Köln. Anyway, the conductor let us on, but we had to pay 40 euros to go thru Belgium and Brussels.

We made it to Köln then switched trains to Nürnberg. Total we were on the train for 8 hours and I feel like I have sea legs. I guess they should call it Tram legs. We got to Nürnberg and the cab dropped us off at the address we had, which was wrong. After a mere breakdown (not telling who it was…me), we finally made it inside thanks to the programs correspondence, Julia. We met the people in our flat, all super nice, and went and got dinner in old town. Now off to finish reading for our first day of class tomorrow. Prost!




3 thoughts on “Made it to Nürnberg

  1. Maybe a travel agent would have been a good idea after all. Hang in there kiddo, and yes I agree Chelsea’s turn. Love ya.

  2. What’s the flat look like where you are staying? Interesting room mates from all over the world?
    I am sure there will be alot of FIRSTS on your summer adventure!! Be Good.

    • We have two people from Kenya that are staying with us also. Germany is the only other country they have ever been to.

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