Notre Dame de Paris

We had a late start and went for breakfast at La Petit…im blanking…but instead realized that they only had lunch, so I settled for Steak and Frites. The new joke is that I accidentally told the waiter, “Sí, Por Favor, shit thats Spanish, ugh thanks…Merci.” (Fail). Chelsea had crispy lamb leg with green beans. Both dishes were amazing. We then tried to find our way to the SCNF train shop, but instead, got lost and found the Jardin du Luxembourg (which we later went to) and Notre Dame.

Notre Dame was simply incredible (and sorry by the way, I’m a bit of a cheeseball). There was a service going on in the cathedral which made it even more astonishing. The architecture really just blows your mind, I kept wondering how they built that so long ago. We toured the ground level, then walked outside to wait in line so we could walk up 400 stairs to the top. I mainly just wanted to see all of Paris and the Eiffel Tower from afar. The stairway was a little claustrophobic and the French don’t really like to tell you where to go. Everyone just guesses and ends up packed in one area like sardines (really its the Asians fault, they just stand in front of everyone and take pictures). The bell up top is huge and all the gargoyles are still in amazing shape. The bell is easy to miss, so look out for it, the only real wood work I saw was in there.

The stairs down really made your calfs burn and Chelsea was feeling a little sick still, so we sat outside for a while and watched all the idiots feed the pigeons. We then stopped at a tourist trap Brassiere to grab a beer and a 5 Euro water. Dinner made up for it because we decided to dine at a French Italian spot that had some great eats. We accidentally ordered everything with tons of prosciutto, so the waitress had to give me three large bottles of water to help us down the salt. Oh, the three 50cl of chianti also helped. We had more wine then off to bed.

















12 thoughts on “Notre Dame de Paris

    • It was the best way to see the Eiffel Tower. Apparently they had only one elevator working on that Saturday. Talking about long waits.

  1. Your camera is awesome! You two are doing a great job telling us about your journey. Love it and keep them coming.

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