Quick Boone Trip

Our last stop before our big trip was to Boone to see my pops and the family. Unlucky for me I got side-swiped on 321 at the Hickory exit. A guy merged 2 lanes from an exit ramp and hit me with his trailer. It was my first accident and I was glad the guy was super nice and no one got hurt. The guy even helped me change my tire, you don’t see that too often.

Anyway we made it to Boone and had a nice day. We went for a hike and went to my brother’s baseball game. The kid is an all-star! I took some new pictures with my new Nikon camera and they came out great.







3 thoughts on “Quick Boone Trip

  1. Your poor car! Glad everyone is safe and ok. I had a similar scrape up when I got to DC, only it was with an inanimate object. I backed into the damn fire hydrant at the end of my long driveway. My car gets repaired next week…$1600 later. -Keith

    • Hope your having fun in DC. You should make a claim with your insurance so you only have to pay the deductible. Hopefully mine will be covered.

  2. Hey Chops and Chelsea,
    We really enjoyed your visit and our short time together but not as much as we are going to enjoy keeping up with you guys during your trip on this really cool blog. You made Christophers day refering to him as an All Star for all the world to see. Anna just loves being hugged by her big brother. Your are the best!! Oh yeah, thank you for breakfast. We love you. Dad

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