Jet lag got the best of us, but we made it!

We both got here and crashed for a couple hours because we only slept about an hour on the plane. The cab ride from the airport was insane too, like a NYC cab on crack. But we are finally in Paris! What an amazing city! So glad to be here.





Waiting for the Plane

The blondie and I are patiently waiting for the first leg of our flight to begin! We have a layover in Cincinnati for 2 hours then get on the Airbus to CVG / Paris. We should get there at 8am.

We are staying in the Saint-Germain District at the Hotel Des Carmes for three nights. Checkin time is @ 1 so we will wander with our packs for a while. Hopefully we can get a reservation for the Eurorail so we can make it to Nuremberg on the 3rd. We will have to stop in Munich and switch trains.


Quick Boone Trip

Our last stop before our big trip was to Boone to see my pops and the family. Unlucky for me I got side-swiped on 321 at the Hickory exit. A guy merged 2 lanes from an exit ramp and hit me with his trailer. It was my first accident and I was glad the guy was super nice and no one got hurt. The guy even helped me change my tire, you don’t see that too often.

Anyway we made it to Boone and had a nice day. We went for a hike and went to my brother’s baseball game. The kid is an all-star! I took some new pictures with my new Nikon camera and they came out great.






Leaving soon!

Our flight is on Tuesday and we still have a lot to get together. Chelsea is currently driving us to Jax so she can see her family before we leave. So long Wilmington. We had a big time last night and were glad to see all our friends at Banks Channel before we leave. Next stop, Paris!!!

Both of us will try and blog twice a week to keep everyone in touch of our Eurotrip!